bliss in bali

Oct 16th - 24th, 2019

Exotic temples & cleansing ceremonies. Giant swings over the rice fields. Hidden Waterfalls. Private Pool Villas. Floating Breakfasts. Flower baths. Secluded beaches with private yachts. Experiencing Balinese culture at its finest with traditional dancing & delicious cuisine. Moonlit Dinners on the beach.

Bali you blew us away with your incredibly kind people, your stunning landscapes and beautiful culture - it was all pure magic! What a special place to host our 7th international escape! Don't take our word for it, hear all about it from Andrea one of our awesome guests!  



“This was my first YogaGym Escape with Kirsten, and it was nothing short of magic! I have always dreamed of going to Bali and when I knew she would be hosting I was hooked! I’ve been a fan of YogaGym from day 1, I continue to be impressed by the creativity and how unique Kirsten has curated the practice. So needless to say I was ready to go! Kirsten put a lot of thought into every detail, the welcome ceremony was incredible, everything was so thought out down to personalized welcome gifts, it legit made me cry. Our practices were so transformational for me, I felt comfortable, incredibly active and strong in my body the entire time, which supported my personal journey while in Bali. I am so thankful I was able to experience such a magical time with Kirsten and the rest of the crew, we all served each other in our own ways, it will forever be in my heart. Thank you for such an incredible and transformational week Kirsten!”

- Andrea Flores