adventures in africa

Nov 8th - 17th, 2018

Hot air balloon rides over Masai Mara. Breakfast on Safari. Floats through the mangroves. Walks through Narnia. SUP Yoga at sunset. Kayaking. Tuk Tuks to markets. Walks to sandbars in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Night markets with the Masai Warriors. Swahili breakfast on the beach. The most unbelievable African sunsets. Elephants. Lions. Leopards. Zebras. Giraffes. Cheetahs. Hippo pools. Hakuna Matata.

Adventures in Africa was a dream come true! We shared such unique experiences like floating through mangroves, Swahili breakfasts on the beach and of course the safari game drives were everyones highlight! The most magical experiences aren't complete without the greatest crew ever. See what one of our amazing guests Cindy had to say:

Yoga & Lions & Giraffes, OH My!

"Having not really experienced a yoga retreat in the past, I was unsure of what to expect; Am I yogi enough?, Will I be able to keep up? But I quickly found out those worries were so unnecessary, and I’m very happy I took the plunge!
Yoga in Africa was everything it sounds like it would be, and so much more: Beautiful Beaches, Kayaking, Paddleboarding, Snorkelling, Safari Treks, Hot Air Balloon Rides, the Most Delicious & Nourishing Foods, Stunning Sunrises, and... sigh... those Fiery Lion King Sunsets!!! 
I had the most amazing time connecting with myself while making memories with some amazing new friends in a pretty magical space! 
Everyday exceeding my expectations beginning to end. I returned home feeling so refreshed, so healthy and so strong!! Kirsten & Tayo were just the ultimate Hosts! I will escape with Yoga Gym Escapes again & again! 🙏🏻💕 “ - Cindy Dief