What to expect on a yoga/fitness retreat

Yoga and fitness retreats are growing in popularity and the options out there can be overwhelming if you don’t know exactly what to expect. I figured I would answer some of the most common questions about Yoga Gym Escapes as well as give you a little insight into our amazing yoga travels around the world!

Instead of a yoga retreat or fitness retreat I like to think of our trips as yoga/fitness vacations. It’s time to let go of all your expectations of what you think a retreat is and experience an all inclusive yoga vacation filled with non-stop adventure!

How much yoga will we do? Can we drink alcohol? How advanced do I have to be to join? Do we have free time? What other activities will we do? Can I come solo? These are some of the most common questions I get, so buckle up and stay tuned as I answer all of these questions and do my best to paint a picture of what these unforgettable weeks entail.

How much yoga will we do?

Be prepared to start the day with getting your sweat on! Most days will begin with an energizing Yoga Gym class first thing in the morning, followed by a day of exploring and adventure, finishing off with a more relaxing yoga class or Yoga tune up class before dinner. (think foam rolling and massage in one!) Depending on the destination and extra activities, each day might be different. One day might be filled with an afternoon yoga inversion workshop, spending the day hiking through the most beautiful terrain, trying out yoga on stand up paddle boards or Kayaking/Surfing. There really is no limit to the fitness activities we enjoy! We love to experience new things together as a group!

Can we drink Alcohol?

Yes! If you want too! Forget the idea that yoga retreats are just juice cleanses, green tea and oming. This is your vacation, you spend it how you want too! Wine with dinner? Yes! Beers on the beach? YES! Speciality cocktails native to your destination! YES PLEASE! Although alcohol is not included in the price the choice is yours if you want to indulge!

How advanced do I have to be to join?

It’s easy to get intimidated thinking that the trip will be filled with expert yogis standing on their hands with ease but not to worry! Our escapes are for all levels! From beginner yogis/gym goers to fellow yoga teachers with advanced practices. There’s something for everyone! Just make sure you aren’t shy to work up a bit of a sweat!

Will we have free time?

Yes! There will be plenty of free time worked into the itinerary as well as optional excursions to keep you busy if you so desire! Relax by the pool reading a book or book an optional hot air balloon ride, the choice is yours!

What other activities will we do?

The possibilities are endless! I take time to research the best of the best that your destination has to offer (honestly I geek out on this so hard!) Barefoot jungle hikes to secret water falls in Costa Rica, Catamaran sunset boozey cruises in Nicaragua, private yachts to our own private beaches in Greece, wine tastings in beautiful castles in Italy or hot air balloon rides over the African Safari. We have A LOT of fun!

Can I come Solo?

YES! I know it can be scary to book a trip solo but that’s one of the best things about one of our escapes! You’ll meet the most amazing people!! You’ll meet new lifelong friends and you’ll break out of your comfort zone! We have a mixture of solo bookings, friends traveling together, sisters, brothers, cousins and couples! So don’t fret if your bestie can’t get the time off, book it anyways!

One of the most common feedback I receive the from past guests is that its so nice to not have to think or plan anything at all! I take so much joy in discovering hidden gems in amazing places, some of these places I would have never found unless I was looking to book for a group of people! For our Italy Escape we stayed in an authentic Italian Villa in the Umbrian Hills just outside of Tuscany. This Villa (with the most insane infinity pool might I add!) was run by the most accommodating Italian couple. We shared countless bottles of wine with 3 course dinners every night, we made our own pasta with their chefs, we lounged by the pool with prosecco, we went exploring to secluded waterfalls, we tasted wines in castles and we worked our way through sweaty Yoga Gym workouts! At the requests of some of my guests I sought out a hot air balloon ride, a truffle hunting adventure, and a trip to Cortona in Tuscany. We experienced so much together in only a week! How do you find these amazing locations you ask? I know it sounds cheesy and I swear its some kind of gift but my locations present themselves to me in one way or another (after hours and hours of research of course!) A dear friend of mine was living in Costa Rica and she asked me to partner for my first retreat! I found our private beach resort in Nicaragua while searching for a villa in Thailand (so weird!) I had almost given up on finding the perfect accommodation in Greece and then I found the most amazing Greek Palace with a perfect practice space. After returning from Greece and not knowing where to head next our dreamy Italian villa popped up on Instagram (as soon as I saw that pool I was sold, thanks Instagram!) Africa was another friends recommendation as she was living in Kenya! Last but not least PERU (which is still coming up May 3rd-11th!) everything just fell into place after finding our picturesque accommodation in the Sacred Valley!! Is there a place on your bucket list you’ve been dying to go? Hit me up! I’ll do all the work and research on the best times to travel, the best experiences, travel requirements and I promise to bring a kick ass group of people!

So to sum it up, beyond the obvious of doing yoga together expect a lot of connecting, sweating, mindfulness, sharing, laughter, new experiences and adventure! My favourite part about these trips is the people, nothing can compare to traveling with a group of like minded people, it’s now my favourite way to travel! Healthy gourmet meals, daily exercise for your body and mind while you spoil yourself with luxury accommodations and a chance to recharge relax and try new things, what are you waiting for? Join us in Peru May 3rd-11th,2019!