why can't yoga be a workout?

THE YOGA GYM is a place to have fun, connect, sweat and breathe together! It's a movement system designed with every’body’ in mind. Although a traditional yoga class can leave you with a feeling of being balanced, it can leave you with muscular imbalances as well. With THE YOGA GYM nothing is left out, for a well rounded yoga workout! We creatively design all classes to activate different muscles than you would typically use in a yoga class. Bridging the gap between yoga and fitness, with high intensity intervals and dynamic movement; we offer a mindful approach to fitness. Utilizing the 2 main components of muscle fibres found in the body, slow as well as fast twitch, THE YOGA GYM can and will improve your overall physical performance. Yoga for strength is our motto! Experience this unique blend of power yoga and yoga HIIT for yourself! The Yoga Gym classes are currently offered weekly at multiple Alive Yoga & Fitness locations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada! 

Kirsten Jacob is the founder & head trainer of the Yoga Gym and creative mind and host of Yoga Gym Escapes. Her classes effectively bring to light the physical side of Yoga through creative dynamic movements, high intensity intervals and the activation of under-utilized muscles. Inspired by her 10+ years in the health and fitness industry, she strives to honour the various ways to connect the mind and body. Expect a high-spirited class layered with valuable strength building techniques so that you never have to choose between a yoga class and your gym session again!

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Ever wanted to go on a yoga retreat? How about a fitness retreat? At Yoga Gym Escapes we combine both for the ultimate yoga vacation! We bring together, yoga, fitness, fun & adventure! Check off the worlds best destinations from your bucket list with luxurious accommodations, amazing company, topped off with energizing yoga classes and fitness activities. You’ll be sure to explore the very best adventures that your destination has to offer - jungle hikes, a day at sea on a private yacht, wine tasting in castles, surfing at sunset and floating over the African safari in a hot air ballon are just a few of the amazing things our guests have enjoyed! Spoil yourself with your very own chef for the week, enjoy wine with dinner, go out dancing and live your best vacation yet! Getting it shape while meeting new people and making life long friends makes our yoga escapes the best group travel package around! Destinations have included Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Greece, Italy, Africa, Peru & Bali! 


yoga gym escapes


escapes for 2020 have been cancelled due to Covid -19

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